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residential air source heat pumps 

Air Source Heat Pumps for Watford and London

Providing all aspects of air source heat pump installations and services.

Air source heat pumps are an eco-friendly, cost-efficient, renewable technology that can make your home run more efficiently and help to reduce your energy bills.


Air source heat pumps transfers heat from the outside air to water, which heats your rooms via radiators or underfloor heating. Because air source heat pumps do not produce carbon emissions when operating, they are a much greener heating system than gas and oil boilers with the additional attraction of cheaper running costs.

Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump installed by Peacock Plumbing & Heating Services
Residential Air Source Heat Pump installed by Peacocks Plumbing & Heating Services Watford

This is an ideal solution for residential homeowners looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating systems that also help reduce energy consumption. Traditional methods of heating homes can be inefficient, which often results in homeowners paying out more while producing greater volumes of greenhouses gasses, such as carbon dioxide. 

Installing an Air Source Heat Pump helps reduce your home’s energy consumption. They are priced competitively, offer higher efficiencies and are very simple to use, easy to control, unobtrusive and quiet.

Peacock Heating & Plumbing Services are Mitsubishi Accredited installers of Air Source Heat Pump for residential homes.


The range of Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pumps are self-contained units and only require water and electric connections. They are low maintenance, quiet to run and can be discreetly placed outside homes. They are also suitable for small retail outlets and commercial buildings. You can control your heat pump from an easy to use application on any smartphone or tablet. 

Call today on 0330 118 1229 or  07939 864393 for a no-obligation quote and a chat about any further information you may require.

Air Source Heat Pump Controlled through an App on your Smart Phone
Peacock Plumbing & Heating Mitsubishi Living Environmental Systems Accredited Installer_ed

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